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A Place to Call Home

By Mateo Williamson

Approximately half of the youth who come through our shelter doors are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender. Where I work, this is our daily reality—a ceaseless, increasing epidemic of LGBT youth homelessness, with no apparent end in sight.

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A Privileged Ministry

By “Sister Monica”

When I was 55 years old and had been a Catholic sister for 37 years, I met a transgender woman, a new experience for me.  I immediately felt drawn to her and wanted to understand her life better.  Later as we sat in my living room, I felt privileged to be entrusted with her sacred and harrowing story of transition.

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Question Time

by Hillary Howes

In the Catholic Church, as a transsexual woman, I don’t officially exist. Officially, the Catholic Church does not have a public policy on the range of gender expression, but considering their policy on gay men, lesbian women, divorced women, women priests, and women who abort, I should count myself as lucky.

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In recognition of Marianne Duddy-Burke

In their latest issue, Boston Spirit, an LGBT magazine in Massachusetts published a list of the top 25 LGBT Power Players of New England. Publisher David Zimmerman and editor James Lopata presented the list with the question: "Are there true 'leaders' of the community these days? Have we come so far that we no longer need the bold, outspoken, aggressive leaders of the past?” Mr. Lopata goes on to say "Power does not reside in people or things, rather, it flows through them, like water in riverbeds - pooling in places, surging in others." Don't we know that! 


Quarterly Voice

DignityUSA thanks the Whiteheads for writing these thought-provoking, hopeful essays on Transgender Spirituality, a topic that challenges the boundaries of traditional Catholic thinking and one that speaks to the very core of DignityUSA’s mission. Special thanks are due to DignityUSA Secretary, Mary Kaye Radtke, for her professional photos. Three of the essays are compiled herein; three more will be featured in the next issue of QV.

Leo N. Egashira,
DignityUSA Publications Committee Chair

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