October 7, 2021



<p><em><img src=/sites/default/files/images/solsun.gif alt=></em></p><p><em>Wear a rainbow ribbon every day to show your support for lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer and intersex persons!</em></p><p><strong>Even with the progress made in LGBTQ+ civil rights the past few years we still need Solidarity Sunday! Solidarity Sunday is a faith-based anti-violence initiative. We understand that most Catholics are appalled by anti-LGBTQ+ attacks and DignityUSA initiated Solidarity Sunday in 1995 as a way of making our opposition to anti-LGBTQ+ violence visible. This program is not limited to Catholics but all people!&nbsp;</strong></p><p>Solidarity Sunday is held every year the day before National Coming Out Day. This year it's on&nbsp;<span>&nbsp;</span><strong>Sunday October 10th.&nbsp;</strong><span><br></span></p><h4><strong>How to Participate in Solidarity Sunday</strong></h4><ol><li>Wear your Solidarity Sunday ribbon at all times.</li><li><a href=https://www.dignityusa.org/article/solidarity-interfaith-prayer>Pray for an end to anti-LGBTQI violence</a></li><li>Educate your children your faith community your colleagues your friends about the need to stop violence against all people especially gay lesbian bisexual transgender queer and intersex people.</li><li><a href=https://www.dignityusa.org/article/solidarity-pledge>Take the Solidarity pledge.</a></li></ol><p><strong>Solidarity Sunday is dedicated to the memory of the many who lost their lives through violence because of who they were or who they were perceived to be.</strong> May their deaths not have been in vain. Let us work together to end verbal and physical violence against anyone including gays lesbians bisexuals&nbsp;transgenders queers and intersex!</p><p>Download <a href=https://www.dignityusa.org/sites/default/files/SolidaritySunday/Solidarity%20Sunday%202019.pdf>the PDF file for two sided duplication of the Solidarity Sunday materials</a>. &nbsp;The striped rainbow ribbon can be purchased at local fabric stores or online.</p>