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Chapter 3 Essential Elements of a Holy Union Ceremony

Entering into a Holy Union is a serious, intimate and sacred pronouncement that symbolizes the coming together of two lives. When a couple decides to have a Holy Union ceremony, careful thought, planning and the couple's creativity are required to tailor their ceremony to who they are as individuals and as a couple. The couple is making vows to one another before God and their community of family and friends gathered as witnesses. The couple, in turn, asks the community for their support and blessing in their relationship.

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Chapter 2a A Sample Program of Preparation

Provided by Dignity/Washington

1. Due to the need for confidentiality and consistency in the pastoral ministry provided by Dignity/Washington with respect to Holy Unions, responsibility for implementation of that ministry will be entrusted to a Pastoral Team for Holy Unions that will be appointed by the Board of Dignity/Washington annually. The team will consist of six to eighteen persons who will perform the following functions:

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Chapter 2 Guidelines for Holy Unions

For a Holy Union to be a valid and recognized covenant in the eyes of the DignityUSA community, the individuals planning a Union must meet minimum standards of conduct. These standards of conduct have been expressed in terms of guidelines, which have been established to ensure that each Holy Union conducted within the Dignity community be respectful of both the individuals concerned and the community at large.

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Same sex unions and the concept of lesbian and gay marriage have gained nationwide publicity in recent years with Hawaii's court case and the Defense of Marriage Act. In reality, lesbians and gay men have been struggling with and forming spiritually committed relationships as long as the heterosexual community.

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