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4th Quarter 2010 QV - Quarterly Voice

The hierarchy and clerics of the Catholic Church must consider the consequences of their tactics in their campaign against same-sex marriage. Clerical abuse by way of their intellectual influence over their congregations can be needlessly hurtful, un-Christian, and has real-life consequences that include bullying, depression, substance abuse, and other self-destructive behaviors—including suicide.

Catholics must call upon their church to re-commit itself to seeing Christ in everyone, including God’s children who are gay or lesbian. An authentic Catholic Church does not wallow in political propaganda, but instead does the work of Christ by helping stop the cycle of bullying and abuse before it destroys more young lives.

Marc Schulte
in "The Buly's Pulpit"

Quarterly Voice File: 

Content Highlights: 

• Critique and Commentary on "Misogyny and Homophobia"
• The Bullyʼs Pulpit
• An Adventure at a Law School
• Remembering the Self-Violence on the Transgender Day of Remembrance
• DignityUSA Donors Summary