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3rd Quarter 2011 QV - Quarterly Voice

Dignity has to stand with divorced Catholics, with women who are called to priesthood, with married priests, with heterosexual married women who use birth control, with those who have been damaged and abused by pedophile priests, with all who seek to sit at the table of Jesus, without leaving a part of who they are at the door.

DignityUSA President Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues
from Presidential Address, Convention 2011

Quarterly Voice File: 

Content Highlights: 

  • Convention Presidential Address
  • Stretching with Edwina Gateley
  • Convention Reflections
  • Quo Vadis? and After
  • Celebrating Diversity Through Liturgy
  • Our Place as Change Agents
  • Trans Visibility and Presence
  • DignityUSA Award Winners