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3rd Quarter 2010 QV - Quarterly Voice

Soon I began calling myself a “quiet Catholic,” one who stopped attending Mass and rarely told anyone my religious background as a gay man.  After all, how could I belong to a church that blamed members of our gay community for [the sexual abuse] crisis?

I attended my first Dignity/Boston liturgy about six years ago, in summer 2004. My first thought after walking in and witnessing a lay led service was “wow, this place is like post-Vatican III!”

Dignity/Boston and DignityUSA are definitely places I am comfortable calling my spiritual home—places where my whole self is celebrated. My sexual orientation is not feared or questioned and I can worship God without fear of persecution and homophobia. Dignity has renewed my faith and I truly believe my story is one that can be shared by many.

Excerpts from Victor Postemski's article
"Renewed Faith through DignityUSA"

Quarterly Voice File: 

Content Highlights: 

  • My Journey with DignityUSA
  • My Journey in Faith and Cultures
  • How I Was Energized by Dignity/New York and DignityUSA
  • Renewed Faith through DignityUSA
  • How Can DignityUSA Members Welcome and Engage Young Adults?
  • A Critique on Misogyny and Homophobia Article in QV: Quarterly Voice for First Quarter 2010
  • Book Review--That Undeniable Longing: My Road to and from the Priesthood