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1st Quarter 2010 - Quarterly Voice

The rise of the feminist liberation movement in recent years gives gay people a reason to hope that GLBT people will be fully accepted in the future human community. At the heart of all homophobia is feminaphobia and the repression of the feminine. Gay men are seen as a threat to patriarchy because they are frequently in touch with and act in accord with the feminine dimension of themselves. It is clear that feminine and gay liberation are so intimately linked that gays should give full support to women’s liberation and vice versa.

Fr. John J. McNeill
in "Misogyny and Homophobia"

Quarterly Voice File: 

Content Highlights: 

  • Introduction to “Misogyny and Homophobia” Issue
  • Misogyny and Homophobia
  • LGBT Goals Not Attainable Without Feminism
  • Excerpt of Richard Rodriguez’s Plenary Speech Addressing
  • Misogynist? Homophobic? We’ve Got the Church for You!
  • Not Fractured, Not Broken: A Woman Priest’s Perspective
  • Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism, by Suzanne Pharr,
    reviewed by Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues
  • A Reasoned Response to Daniel Helminiak’s Well-Reasoned Article
  • DignityUSA: Catholic or Not?
  • Bishop: ‘Schneiders’ Analysis Inspiring, Challenging'
  • Update on Katie, Transgender 3rd Grader in Omaha