DignityUSA Applauds Spain’s Legalization of Gay Marriage

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Calls on Americans to Consider Value of Same-Sex Marriages to All of Society

Washington, DC – The leadership of DignityUSA applauded the Spanish parliament’s vote today legalizing gay marriage. This ruling permits Spanish same-sex couples to marry, adopt children and inherit property. Gay couples in Spain will be allowed to marry within the next two weeks, when the law is published in the official government registry. The Netherlands and Belgium also recognize gay marriage nationwide, and Canada is expected to do so by the end of July if the Senate passes a bill already passed by the House of Commons, as it is predicted to do.

DignityUSA continues to be a strong advocate for same-sex civil marriage in the United States and has called on the Catholic Church to bless all same-gender families. “The people of Spain, many of them Catholics, clearly recognize the rights of same-sex couples to marry and also realize the many positive contributions these loving couples and their families make to their overall communities," stated Deb Weill, Executive Director of DignityUSA. “Many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender(GLBT) couples have had stable relationships for many years and contribute to their communities in innumerable ways through their employment, volunteerism, charitable giving and serving as great role models for young people. Where given the opportunity, GLBT people are also active in church communities as Eucharistic ministers, lectors, and parish council leaders in Spain. This is certainly the case in America as well,” Weill continued.

“Same-sex marriages will only strengthen the institution of marriage,” added DignityUSA President Sam Sinnett. “Thousands of same-sex couples are already providing loving and nurturing environments they have created. Our straight allies and the many who have only recently come to support same-sex marriage know that extending civil rights to those previously barred from them enriches all of society. We are thrilled to see this historic day arrive and we rejoice with the people of Spain,” added Sinnett.

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