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Posting Guidelines

 Inappropriate Content

The following content is not allowed on DignityUSA:

  • Links to sites containing adult images
  • Sexual harassment
  • Anti-Gay comments
    We welcome people who are on the journey to understanding and accepting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) people. However obvious anti-gay comments will not be allowed in the public forums. Such comments are not merely opinions, but rather a way to demean and oppress GLBT people. Any posts deemed by the DignityUSA staff or moderator team to be anti-gay will be responded to with a warning and, in most instances, the removal of the offending post. Members who continue to post anti-gay comments will lose both their right to post messages anywhere on the DignityUSA Website and also their right to send private messages to other members.
  • Materials promoting "ex-gay ministries" or "reparative therapy"
    Some homosexual persons claim to have experienced a change in their sexual orientation. Their stories are their stories and we should not try to change them if they are sincerely happy. With that said, however, the vast majority of these brothers and sisters entered "ex-gay ministries" or "reparative therapy" under the belief of a homosexual orientation being morally inferior and a heterosexual orientation being morally superior. Such a belief is a falsehood that is used by many to deny GLBT people equality in society and full membership in our churches. Thus the promotion of "ex-gay ministries" or "reparative therapy" is not permitted on the forums and will be handled as anti-gay comments.
  • Anti-gay material of our adversaries
    Neither links to, nor quotes taken from, the anti-gay material of our adversaries will be allowed in the public forums unless the member making the post also invests the time to confront the untruth in the material. Posts that do not follow this guideline will be removed entirely at the moderator's discretion. The purpose of this guideline is to prevent casual postings of anti-gay material (i.e. a couple of sentences followed by a link to offensive writings.)
  • Posts that are excessively hostile to DignityUSA
    We certainly make room for members to disagree with DignityUSA and post constructive criticism. However we don’t permit excessive hostility towards the organization on our own website. Such posts will be removed and offenders will lose their privilege to post messages.
  • Spam
    Off topic messages, irrelevant advertisements, and "copy and paste" mass postings not dealing with the thread's topic will be considered spam and promptly removed. First time offenders will always receive a warning via private message. Repeat offenders will lose both their right to post messages anywhere on the DignityUSA Website and also their right to send private messages to other members.