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DignityUSA Participates in Call to Action 2006 Conference

DignityUSA participated in Call to Action’s (CTA) national 2006 conference held Friday to Sunday, November 3-5, 2006, in Milwaukee, WI.

DignityUSA leaders presented a workshop entitled, “A Queer Eye for the Catholic Church,” open to all conference attendees. The presentation highlighted several ecclesial documents related to gay and lesbian issues, including the then proposed U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) document prepared by the Committee on Doctrine.

The draft document entitled, “Ministry to Persons with a Homosexual Inclination: Guidelines for Pastoral Care,” was approved following some modifications by the bishops at their November 13-16, 2006, meeting in Baltimore, MD.

The DignityUSA workshop discussed the inadequacies of the proposed guidelines. The presentation pointed out the increasing ambivalence of the Catholic Church hierarchy regarding homosexual orientation in favor of using terms like “homosexual tendencies or inclinations.”

Members of DignityUSA present at the workshop reported that it was well-received.

On the opening night of the CTA conference, DignityUSA and local chapters hosted a reception open to all conference attendees. Members of the DignityUSA leadership team hosted a gay and lesbian caucus to provide a networking environment for members of DignityUSA and its chapters, as well as interested allies.

DignityUSA volunteers and members of the national board of directors staffed an information booth throughout the days of the conference.

CTA’s welcoming and inclusive environment provided a comfort zone allowing GLBT persons, family members and supportive others to approach the DignityUSA information booth to ask questions and discuss matters with persons staffing the booth.

Donations to DignityUSA amounted to $126.00. There was one DignityUSA Convention 2007 pre-registration at $100.00. 52 people/couples filled out DignityUSA change of address/ membership application forms. Of these, 35 are new members.

For more information on CTA go to www.cta-usa.org.