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President's message

Dear friends:

As the Catholic bishops ended their meeting in Washington DC, they announced, among others things, a new campaign to protect marriage by putting their political power and resources to work against gay and  lesbian couples who are already legally married in Massachusetts and  the thousands of same sex couples across the country who seek to marry one day.

Since we know to expect both "more," and "more of the same" from  church leaders, it is extraordinarily important for us to find new allies  and strengthen ties with our historical allies in our effort for  equality and inclusion.  On the national level, Matthew Gallagher, our executive director, is hard at work — doing just that, participating in strategy sessions in Washington today and in the coming weeks with leading  GLBT groups.

Here's a link to an article posted today outlining the challenges which also quotes Matthew. I encourage you to read the article:


The leadership of DignityUSA and I thank you for your support of our  work and we urge you to continue your involvement with our mission.

Many blessings,


C. Samuel Sinnett
President, DignityUSA

P.S.  If the link to the article in the email doesn't work, try  browsing forhttp://www.metroweekly.com/, then select "Features" and check  for the article entitled, "Next Exit 4 Years: Mapping a New Direction National GLBT groups chart a second-term course."