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DignityUSA Executive Director Participates in Protest at the Vatican Embassy

Presentation for Vatican Embassy Protest April 24, 2004

"I am very happy to be here today with you. One of DignityUSA’s goals is to amplify the Voice  to speak for those gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Catholics who cannot speak for themselves. We’re pleased to work in coalition with those who seek to hold the Vatican accountable for the suffering it causes and call the church back to its roots in the social justice teaching of Jesus.

“The Vatican leaders today speak without consideration of modern science. They insist on focusing their efforts only on certain matters of sexual morality. Has the Vatican pursued homelessness, health care, and war with the same energy and dollars that they have waged campaigns against those of us gathered here? As a Catholic I must ask the Vatican -- where are your priorities?

“Instead of using their untold wealth to protect our children, they use their wealth to deny people in this country their rights to be equal citizens and spread division around the globe.

“Instead of celebrating our sacrament of Eucharist, some church leaders use it as a weapon against politicians and others who follow their well-formed conscience.

“The Vatican must stop their campaign of division. They must remove their hearts of stone and accept hearts filled with love and compassion for all people.

“Thank you."

Matthew J. Gallagher
Executive Director, DignityUSA