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It's Official - Sinnett & Burns to lead DignityUSA

The general membership and chapter votes from the recent national elections are in.

Sam Sinnett, of St. Louis (MO), will succeed DignityUSA president Pat McArron on October 1, 2003, as our new president. Peggy Burns will continue as Vice President, a role she accepted when Pat asked her to serve as his vice president in 2002.

Three new directors have been elected to serve on DignityUSA's National Board of Directors for a two year term beginning Oct 1, 2003. The newly chosen directors include Patty Hayes (Rochester, NY) and Mark Matson (Powell, OH).

The Board of Directors wish to express a heartfelt thanks to the following for placing their names into nomination for the board positions: Shawn Lowe (Arlington, VA), Frank D'Amore (Detroit, MI), Marty Grochala (Chicago, IL) and Phil LaChance (Hudson, NH). Your dedication and service do not go unnoticed. We look forward to your continued commitment to Dignity.

692 individual ballots were received at the national office in our 2003 election. This number accounts for 37% of the ballots mailed to our membership!