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Gay Catholics Denounce Attacks in Vatican Sexual Lexicon

April 2, 2003 — Lesbian and gay Catholics in the US will find the comments on homosexuality in the Vatican's new glossary of sexual terms "infuriating, but, unfortunately, not surprising," according to leaders of DignityUSA. The nearly 1000-page "Lexicon on Ambiguous and Colloquial Terms about Family Life and Ethical Questions" was released in Italian by the Vatican's Pontifical Council on the Family.

"Once again, the Vatican attacks gay and lesbian people using archaic language of sickness and sinfulness," said Marianne Duddy, DignityUSA's Executive Director. "Despite decades of scientific evidence, the Vatican repeatedly returns to outdated views of homosexuality. There is no recognition of our sexuality as a God-given blessing."

Duddy went on to say that what is surprising is the vehemence of the language in the document. "As the Vatican's moral authority crumbles around the world, it has stepped up its efforts to scapegoat the gay community. The language in this glossary is vicious, and shows great fear of the growing acceptance of gays and lesbians in societies around the world."

In addition, Duddy expressed grave concern over the Pontifical Council on the Family's statements regarding countries that support gay marriage. The lexicon says such support "shows a profound disorder in the minds of these countries."

"The Vatican demonstrates total disregard for the democratic processes in those countries," said Duddy. "We live in a world where diversity must be embraced, and respect for cultural variation must be the norm. For the Vatican to violate this principle so profoundly is irresponsible and totally lacking in Christian principles of love and acceptance."

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