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Help Support Transgender

QV LogoTo the readership of DignityUSA Publications:

Due to competing budgetary needs, as well as the difficulty in soliciting thematically-based submissions, the Board of DignityUSA has authorized a temporary cutback in the frequency of publication of the Quarterly Voice (QV). The most recent QV published was the large Convention issue, which came out in the fall of 2013. We are currently working on putting out the next issue, which will be a compilation of interesting, but unrelated, articles.

Recently, we had the good fortune to explore collaborative publication of two or three QVs with Jim and Evelyn Whitehead, a clinical psychologist and theologian couple, who have been longtime supporters of DignityUSA. Over the past couple of years, they have written six robust articles (and have secured republication rights to two 12-page articles) on the topic of “Transgender Spirituality.”

Transgender Spirituality is a topic that challenges the outermost boundaries of traditional Catholic thinking on spirituality and is a topic that speaks to the very core of DignityUSA’s mission.

In order to bring these articles to a readership much larger than Jim and Evelyn’s contacts and the DignityUSA mailing list, the Publications Committee would like to solicit sponsorships of two or three special QV issues on Transgender Spirituality. Each 20-24 page issue will cost $13,000 or more. We are hoping to leverage the interest expected to be generated and reach the broader transgender audience, as well make inroads in the much larger progressive communities of faith.

If you, your community, Dignity chapter, or organization is interested in sponsoring or underwriting publication of one such QV issue, in whole or in concert with other donors, please contact DignityUSA Publications Committee Chair, Leo Egashira, at [email protected]. Your sponsorship of an invaluable resource will be prominently acknowledged in these truly groundbreaking compilations.