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Let Us Give Thanks —

  • To God our Creator who made us in God’s image and likeness and loves us unconditionally as sons and daughters.
  • To our brother Jesus Christ who taught us love, compassion and welcome by example.
  • To our family, loved ones and friends who nurture and give of their loving affection and caring support in good, as well as difficult, times throughout our journey of life.
  • For those who give of themselves in loving, caring ministry to members, friends and associates of the GLBT community.
  • For those members of the institutional church and government who advocate and champion our cause amidst much personal risk.
  • For those who have gone before us and served as mentors and leaders in the pursuit of equality, civil rights, human and social justice in our church and society.
  • For DignityUSA leaders, members and associates, past and present, who have helped us form inclusive, welcoming faith communities and our national organization.
  • For those who give of their time, talent and treasure in sustaining and promoting DignityUSA at the local and national level.
  • For our non-gay family, friends and allies who abide with us in our personal and joint struggles for acceptance, as well as full and equal participation in church and society.


Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing You and Yours a Holy, Peaceful and Joyous Thanksgiving