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DignityUSA Seeks Volunteers for Women’s Justice Coalition

Rea Howarth, of the Women’s Justice Coalition, reminds us that DignityUSA joined the Women's Justice Coalition in January 2006. The group was formed to undertake one joint action annually to help move the cause of women forward. The Time Has Come statement forms the basis of coalition.
The Women’s Justice Coalition says the time has come:

  • To affirm the equal rights of women and men in the church,
  • To share decision-making with women and men equally,
  • For our liturgical ministries to reflect the equality we proclaim,
  • For inclusive language, the language of hospitality, to be the norm for our preaching, our liturgy, and church documents,

To acknowledge that the Holy Spirit calls women, as well as men, to ordained ministry.
You can read all about it and the report card project athttp://womensjusticecoalition.org. The report card worksheets are available as a pdf file.

The coalition is still recruiting volunteers from the dioceses around the country. It would be great to have someone who is interested in pushing it forward.”

Sam Sinnett, President of DignityUSA responds, “We definitely ought to be working on this and it certainly fits in with the importance of reaching out to women much better in our Long Range Strategic Plan. If anyone is interested in taking responsibility for this or knows of a volunteer who is, please let myself (president@dignityusa.org) or Peggy Burns (VicePresident@dignityusa.org) or Paula Lavallee (secretary@dignityusa.org) know. Getting this message out to our members to help the project and to be aware of this marvelous program of which we are a part is the kind of information that can build passion for DignityUSA among our members to become ‘investors’ or stakeholders.”