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We Need A Church that is Accepting, Not Just Tolerant

Daniel Barutta of Dignity/Washington shares about what makes Dignity communities unique. LGBTQI Catholics desereve a space that is affiriming and accepting. For thousands of them across the coutnry, Dignity provides that space.


Daniel Barutta: Dignity is absolutely necessary now and for many years to come. In my three years as president of Dignity/Washington that has been pounded into my head over and over again. I know that there are Churches in our archdiocese and in other places that are friendly toward LGBTQ people, but there’s a big difference between being tolerant and being accepting. We need to have a church that is accepting, not just tolerant, of us. I don’t think even in a tolerant church, people can go to Mass and kiss each other at the Sign of Peace. I don’t think they can go to Mass and bring their children and expect them to be fully accepted. We deserve better than being tolerated, we need to be accepted. Dignity/Washington and Dignity across the country accepts people; they can walk into our church, they can hold their partner during Mass, they can hug their partner, they can kiss their partner, they can feel validated for who they are. I think they’re courageous for being who they are: by standing up and saying “I’m a gay person” “I’m a lesbian person, “I’m a transgender person”, “I’m a questioning person,” and “I can come here and be supported by people who are similar to me.” They can’t do that in a Church that is tolerant of them. I don’t care how many people in the hierarchy pat us on the back and say good words about us. They’re not accepting us, they’re tolerating us. We deserve better than that.