fbpx "They Want to Hear Our Stories": Hope For LGBTQI Catholics | DignityUSA

"They Want to Hear Our Stories": Hope For LGBTQI Catholics

Hear from Dignity/San Fernando Valley member Chris Chris Cappiello on what gives him hope and the role of DignityUSA today.


Chris Cappiello: I think Dignity is almost more necessary now than it has been, because of Francis and the new tone of conversation that has opened up in the Church. I think that's a genie that is not going to get stuffed back in a bottle, no matter what happens, and the door is open. They want to hear our stories. For years, for a generation, we were basically told: "Your story is not real," "Your story is not worth hearing," "Your story needs to change," and now we're hearing "What is your story?" "Who is the church?" "Who are these people living out their lives, living out the sacraments continuing determined in spite of all opposition?" So, I think now it's more important than ever for Dignity to have that voice and to join in that conversation and to turn this battleship around.

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