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Sign the Letter: Stand Up to the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

Only July 11th, DignityUSA teamed up with GLAAD, Shelly’s Voice, PFLAG, the Ariadne Getty Foundation and many more to host the Rally For Equality in Indianapolis. Our caravan of vehicles circled the headquarters of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, demonstrating against a new policy that Archbishop Thompson secretly implemented that will ban transgender and gender non-conforming students from enrolling in more than 60 Indiana schools and severely discriminate against transgender students already enrolled.

We couldn’t stay silent when we heard the news of this policy. We issued a statement condemning the policy and spoke out on key news outlets, letting the Indianapolis community know about this injustice. Last week, we obtained a copy of Archdiocese’s policy document, which they have tried to keep secret, and released it for the public.

Our movement is already making a splash. Local and national news organizations, like the IndyStar, the Advocate, Indiana Public Media, WFYI, Fox59 and many more have covered the mounting opposition to this move. Pressure on the Archdiocese is growing.

You can join us. Our coalition launched a letter-signing campaign, expressing our disapproval of this new policy to key local and national Catholic officials. We’re asking our friends and allies to stand with us and add their name to the letter and call for a more inclusive and just Church. Already, hundreds of people of joined the movement and are taking a stand for justice and inclusion. You can join them: Sign Here. 

The Rally For Equality was a roaring success. Our caravan took to the streets with flags and signs that communicated a simple message to Archbishop Thompson: end these attacks on transgender students. Meanwhile, DignityUSA’s Vice President, Meli Barber, spoke alongside other local activists outlining the injustice of the Archdiocese’s new policy and equipping the community to respond. Thousands of folks joined the protest on Facebook Live. You can watch the Rally For Equality here.

Photo Credit: Michelle Pemberton/IndyStar