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Rosary for LGBTQ+ People

The Rosary for LGBTQ+ People is designed to add prayerful time to the LGBTQ+ person’s – or allied person’s – day while continuing to affirm God’s love for all of humanity. We are made in the image of our Creator, perfect and pleasing in God’s sight. Because our Creator has made us this way, we pray this rosary, proudly and devoutly, to Our Lady so she might look upon us with her Motherly love and bring us closer to her Son, Jesus.

To prepare to recite the rosary, set aside time in your day – 15 to 25 minutes – in a quiet and private space. The Rosary can be prayed individually or in a group. Each person recites the rosary differently, at different speeds, and you will find the speed which is right for you. Keep in mind this is a contemplative prayer.

As you spend time reflecting upon these mysteries, you draw closer to the divine. If you are praying this individually, take your time. Read and re-read the scripture passages and the reflections. Take notes of the thoughts which enter your mind and be open to receiving these thoughts. If your mind strays, stop and allow it. You can always pick up where you left off. If you are praying in a group, perhaps you might want to pause after every reflection and discuss your feelings on what the reflections says. Or, perhaps, after each decade, you pause to share the thoughts and feelings which you had while you were reciting the prayers. However you or your group decides to pray this prayer, make it your own.

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