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Pride Appeal 2021


A message from Peggy Hayes, DignityUSA’s Development Committee Chair:

We usually write to you about what DignityUSA does. As we celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride Month and kick off our Pride Appeal, we want you to think about what DignityUSA is

We, as DignityUSA, are community, even family. We are a voice proclaiming truths too long silenced. We are church. We are leaders in the LGBTQ+ justice movement. We might be where you met your true love, where you celebrated your marriage, where you were joyfully welcomed as your true self. What are we to you? 

Will you mark Pride Month by giving to DignityUSA today? Share the abundance of community and love and help us spread it far and wide in every community in United States and around the world! 

To me, DignityUSA -- meaning all our Chapters, Caucuses, Members, Friends, and supporters like you – is rich and diverse, a prophetic blessing to those associated with us, to our church, and to the larger world. We are liberation, healing, and inspiration. We are deep, loving relationships that span time and distance. We are Pride, Power, and Persistence of hope. 

This was never clearer to me than a few months ago in the aftermath of the Vatican’s proclamation banning priests from blessing same-sex couples. In our public statements and in the Town Meetings that brought hundreds together to share their response, Dignity members demonstrated that we have already claimed the ability to bless ourselves and each other, to recognize and affirm the wholeness and holiness of our lives and our loving. Further, we understood our responsibility to share that message with those shaken by the pronouncement, and those whose lives and safety were threatened by this pronouncement.  

This was one of the proudest moments in my long association with Dignity. 

Our work, our affirming communities, are transforming people’s sense of themselves and their relationship with the Divine. Will you give to our work with a Pride Month donation of $10 or more and help us reach more people? 

As we mark Pride 2021, know that your participation in and support of DignityUSA makes a difference. We are proud and grateful that you are part of our community and our mission. I hope you feel the same. 

Thank you for your support! Happy Pride Month!

Peggy Hayes 
Development Committee Chair

P.S. Please check out our website, FacebookInstagram, or Twitter, throughout June to hear from a variety of people about why they are proud to be part of DignityUSA! Feel free to also share your pride in DignityUSA on social media with the hashtag #DignityPride. Or, submit your own photo and share what DignityUSA means to you here.