NC-Based DignityUSA Leader: Lieutenant Governor’s Comments “Harmful and Deeply Troubling”

Martin Witchger, a Durham, NC resident and Vice President of DignityUSA, is calling on the state’s Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson to resign after referring to homosexuality and “transgenderism” as “filth.” He also called on other state Republican leaders to denounce Robinson’s remarks.

“What Mark Robinson said is harmful and deeply troubling to many people across North Carolina,” said Witchger. “LGBTQ people and our families cannot trust a leader who doesn’t think of his constituents as people.”

Witchger continued, “As a gay Catholic and a man of faith, I find it disturbing that the lieutenant governor would speak so disparagingly of folks like me, especially in a church. DignityUSA believes that LGBTQ people are just as whole and holy as anyone else. We reverence our identities as gifts from God. We strongly reject this vile characterization of us, and believe we deserve public leaders who value all people equally. Mark Robinson should resign immediately.”

DignityUSA represents the majority of US Catholics who support justice, equality, and full inclusion of LGBTQ+ people in their church and in society. Founded in 1969, the organization has members all across the United States.