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DignityUSA strategic priorities announced

By Chris Pett and Meli Barber

In the spirit of “Forward from 50”, following our successful 50th Anniversary Jubilee initiatives and visioning process, we are proud to announce the strategic priorities that will be the focus of our time, talent and treasure as we move into a new year and decade. These priorities were developed by the Board of Directors and represent the key learnings of the Jubilee local community conversations and the key outputs of the visioning session conducted during the 2019 50th anniversary conference in Chicago.

We believe these priorities represent the spirit and wisdom of our members, communities, and allies. And we trust that they represent the best energy and wisdom to come out of our Jubilee celebrations that will drive us forward into the new year and decade of opportunity.

Our Chapter/Community Services Committee is organizing the first round of quarterly regional calls with chapter leaders to re-engage our local communities in our 2020+ plans and programs as both partners and as beneficiaries of our work. We will also ensure our caucus members and national members are engaged and involved

We are excited to share these with you and believe we can achieve the future we desire.

We pray that as these priorities are put into action and we continue to learn and be guided by Wisdom Sophia, that we will continue to enrich, expand and evolve our mission and work.

Come join us! Be a part of our future!

Forward from 50: DignityUSA Strategic Priorities

Amplify our prophetic voice and embrace global justice advocacy

Speaking truth to power; nurturing new leaders.

Connect in new ways across our communities, members, allies and broader audiences

Working from the model of radical hospitality; investing in digital infrastructure and expertise; broadening channels/social media to reach new audiences.

Ensure our future vitality and optimize our available human resources

Ensuring financial sustainability, maximizing value of staff, ensuring required talent and leadership needed to take us into the future.

Nourish all LGBTQI/ally life experiences, gender expressions and identities with educational resources

Making our collective wisdom accessible; building new catechetical and theological content.