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DignityUSA Re-Welcomes Dignity/Baltimore

DignityUSA’s Board of Directors is thrilled to announce the Chartering of Dignity/Baltimore, under the leadership of Al Risdorfer, a longtime member of Dignity/Washington and a priest with the Catholic Apolstolic Church in North America. The previous Baltimore Chapter folded in the 1990’s.

Dignity/Baltimore will be run in conjunction with the CACINA parish of Our Lady Undoer of Knots. Al  said, “As the newest of the 18 parishes within CACINA (the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America), Our Lady Undoer of Knots parish takes to heart Christ’s mandate to build the church. We do this by providing a welcoming, affirming, loving, non-judgmental, active, and yet very Catholic community for everyone seeking to build a deep loving relationship with God and neighbor. 

We particularly seek out disinvited, disaffected and disenchanted Catholics, among whom are women seeking an equal voice in the Church including ministerial roles; those who are divorced and seeking the sacraments; married folks wanting ministerial roles; former clergy who want to minister again - and of course members of the LGBTQI community.

We reach out by direct evangelization, networking, and social media, but also by building deep connections and collaborative relationships with communities who strive and think as we do. Given that several of our parishioners are members of DigntyUSA and past members of local chapters, and being painfully aware that DignityUSA has not had a chapter in Baltimore – the first and oldest diocese in the US – for over 30 years, we thought resurrecting Dignity’s presence here would be an inspired thing to do.”

Join us in embracing our new Chapter and members! You can send a message of welcome to pastor@our-lady-undoer-of-knots.org.