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DignityUSA Launches New Racial Justice Caucuses

DignityUSA is committed to embracing diversity, equality, and inclusion for every member of our community. After several months of our own learning and discussion, the Board of Directors is excited to announce the formation of a new caucus for people of color (POC), as well as a resource group for those committed to the work of being anti-racist. 

Under the direction of Board Member Patrick Journet, all DignityUSA members who identify as a person of color are invited to engage in conversation and share their experiences with the People of Color Caucus. This will be a safe space to share and value your intersectionality as a person of color, LGBTQI/Ally, and Catholic. Patrick has found that “sharing has helped me as a POC in cultivating trust and acceptance. I believe a collective sum of different life experiences and self-expression has only enriched my life as a POC. I would like to invite all interested to this safe place to dialogue and share.”  To join the POC caucus, please contact Patrick at patrickj@dignityusa.org.

In addition, the Antiracism Resource Group will be formed as a way for non-POC allies to join efforts to combat racism and unite with our members of color, as well as to encourage and support the purpose of the POC caucus to remain a safe space for its members. This resource group is meant for both non-POC allies, as well as members of the POC Caucus, to work together and will also feature education around how to be anti-racist, as opposed to simply being “not racist.” To join the Antiracism Resource Group, please contact Board Member Vin Testa at vint@dignityusa.org

Both groups are anticipated to begin meeting in January 2021. In August, DignityUSA launched a new online anti-racism resource page, compiling materials to help our chapters, caucuses, and whole community become confront racism.