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Communications to Chapters, Communities and Caucuses

We want to invite all our Chapters, Communities and Caucuses to participate in a series of conference calls to connect with all our leaders during this time of isolation. Specifically, we want to hear about how our members are remaining connected and how DignityUSA can help.

In addition, we wanted to update everyone about our national strategic priorities that emerged from our 2019 Conference:

  • Amplify Our Prophetic Voice
  • Connect in New Ways Across our Chapters, Communities, Caucuses and Allies
  • Nourish All LGBTQI and Allies with Educational Resources
  • Ensure Our Future Vitality and Optimize our available Human Resources  

We want to hear how these priorities are resonating and how your Dignity Community/Chapter or Caucus can embody or embrace these new priorities.

Our call schedule is as follows:                                    

  • Eastern Region
    • Monday April 27 at 8 pm Eastern
  • Midwest Region
    • Monday May 4 at 8 pm Eastern/ 7 pm Central
  • South/Mountain
    • Monday May 11 at 8 pm Eastern/ 7 pm Central/ 6 pm Mountain
  • Western Region
    • Monday May 19 at 8 pm Eastern/ 7 pm Central/ 6 pm Mountain/ 5 pm Pacific 
  • Caucus and DignityUSA Members
    • Monday May 25 at 8 pm Eastern

Chapter, Community and Caucus Leaders will be connecting via ZOOM videoconference and an invitation will be sent to all leaders to join us. If you cannot access Zoom, a phone number will be provided for you.

Thanks in advance for your support and desire to connect. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can join us.

If you have any questions, please contact Bob Butts, Secretary at secretary@dignityusa.org.

Keep Safe!

Chapter, Community and Caucus Services Committee