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Action Alert: Your Voice Needed on the Equality Act

Last month, the House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, a piece of legislation that would establish federal LGBTQI nondiscrimination laws in employment, housing, education, public accommodations, federal funding, jury service, and credit. This bill, the result of decades of organizing and advocacy, would be the first of its kind if it was signed into law. Its protections are desperately needed, as 28 states still have not outlawed LGBTQI discrimination. With new leadership in Congress and the White House that supports the Equality Act, we have a critical opportunity to secure a historic step forward for LGBTQI justice and inclusion in America.

Now the Equality Act needs the approval of the Senate, where it faces more obstacles. Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that their hearing on the Equality Act will be Wednesday, March 17, 2021. We also heard that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and their conservative allies have mounted campaigns that are flooding the Senate and White House with calls from Catholics opposed to the Equality Act.

We need to raise our voices in support of the act – NOW!

DignityUSA is working with over 15 other organizations to remind Senators that over 70% of US Catholics support the Equality Act. [1] Will you make some calls to bring that message to your Senators?

Right now, it is most urgent that the members of the Judiciary Committee hear from Catholic supports of this bill. If one of your Senators is on the Judiciary Committee, make your call now!

Catholic Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee

Sen. Dick Durbin – IL

Sen. Patrick Leahy – VT

Sen. Alex Padilla – CA

Sen. Tom Tillis – NC

Sen. Chris Coons – DE (attends a Catholic church)

Other Judiciary Committee Members

Sen. Chuck Grassley – IA

Sen. Lindsey Graham – SC

Sen. Dianne Feinstein – CA

Sen. John Cornyn – TX

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse – RI

Sen. Michael Lee – UT

Sen. Amy Klobuchar – MN

Sen. Ted Cruz – TX

Sen. Ben Sasse – NE

Sen. Richard Blumenthal – CT

Sen. Joshua Hawley – MO

Sen. Mazie Hirono – HI

Sen. Tom Cotton – AR

Sen. Cory Booker – NJ

Sen. John Kennedy – LA

Sen. Jon Osoff – GA

Sen. Marsha Blackburn – TN

Need your Senator’s phone number? Find it at https://www.senate.gov/senators/senators-contact.htm

When you call

  • Identify yourself as a Catholic who supports the Equality Act
  • Remind the Senator (or staff) that over 70% of US Catholics support nondiscrimination against LGBTQ+
  • State your reason for supporting the Equality Act: what protections against nondiscrimination for LGBTQ+ people are most important to you.
  • Tell the Senator that the Equality Act does not infringe on religious freedom; its purpose is to protect individuals from discrimination based on identity.
  • Ask for the Senator to vote it favorably out of the Committee and to support it on the Senate Floor

Now is our best chance for passage of the Equality Act. We know there are a number of Republican Senators who want to vote for it, and need constituent support to do so. The first step is to get support from the Judiciary Committee.

Raise you voice for justice. Call your Senator and ask them to support the Equality Act and inclusion for all.


[1] Public Religion Research Institute, 2018 American Values Atlas