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News Archive (2013)

News from Dignity/Washington

​Heather Mizeur Reflects On Dignity’s Work and Catholic Community Life
by Henry Huot, Dignity/Washington Board member

Maryland Delegate from Montgomery County, Heather Mizeur, delivered an affirming and challenging message at the June 9 Dignity/Washington Sunday Mass culminating Capital Pride festivities. To the delight of her audience, she quipped that she was not to be confused as the “homely guest” but rather the guest homilist. Drawing on the assigned Scriptures for the day (First Kings 17:17-24, Galatians 1: 11-19 and Luke 7: 11-17), she compared today’s Catholic Church to the grieving widow from the Elijah story and the widow of Naim who encountered Jesus. She stated that local parishes are suffering the departure of Catholics who have left because of the prejudices and offenses of those in pastoral positions of authority, and the homophobic attitudes of their general members. These parishes could benefit from the challenge of having LGBT Catholics join as members deeply committed to changing hearts and minds.

President's Awards 2013

The President's awards are given at each convention to individuals and groups that the Board wants to recognize for their work to advance Dignity's mission, for their support of GLBT Catholics, and for their particular help to the work of the Board.

The Board of DignityUSA would like today to recognize the following individuals:

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Equally Blessed calls on Catholics to work to extend marriage equality to all states

Washington, D.C., June 26, 2013—Equally Blessed, a coalition of four Catholic organizations that have spent more than 120 years working on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and their families, issued the following statement on the Supreme Court rulings announced today on the Defense of Marriage Act and the state of California’s constitutional provision banning same-sex marriage:

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Catholic Church Unfriendly to LGBT people? No--Living a Split Reality

(Originally published on Huffington Post, June 17, 2013)

A new Pew Research Center study provides an abysmal assessment of the Catholic Church for those of us who value LGBT inclusion in our faith communities. In a study of 1,197 LGBT adults released on June 13, 2013, 79 percent of those questioned rated Catholicism as "unfriendly" to LGBT people. Only 4 percent view our church as "friendly."

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Dignity Convention Highlighted in Premiere Minnesotal Gay Magazine

Minneapolis-based DignityUSA Program Manager Jim Smith shares his thoughts on having the organization's convention in the Twin Cities.

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Queer and Dignified…and Catholic. Huh?

By Lavender June 13, 2013  By Jim Smith

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DignityUSA Executive Director quoted in National Catholic Reporter story on same-sex marriage

National Catholic Reporter looks at the role of Catholics in efforts to attain marriage equality.

States propel push toward same-sex marriage

Brian Roewe    |  Jun. 14, 2013

Ahead of two much-anticipated Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage, advocates for marriage equality saw momentum building in public opinion and recent policy changes, while the U.S. bishops have made defense of traditional marriage a major theme for their second Fortnight for Freedom.

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

By Marianne Duddy-Burke, DignityUSA Executive Director 

Blessed Pride! What a year it has been! With the recent enactment of marriage equality in Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota, it is estimated that one in five same-sex couples now live in places where they can be legally wed. We await decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court that could well overturn both California’s Proposition 8 and the Federal DOMA restrictions on same-sex couples. Equality is on the move, and Catholics continue to lead the march toward greater justice.

Notes from the Minnesota Diaspora

By Peggy Hayes, Dignity/Boston member

I didn't expect to cry, but there I was, headphones on, watching my computer screen, crying over the images and the words as the Minnesota House of Representatives debated same-sex marriage. During the work day, no less, and my boss had just dropped by to ask me a question.

I couldn’t tear myself away from the legislative proceedings that day, because here was my home state, Minnesota, where I lived for the first 22 years of my life, where most of my family still resides, about to make history.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

By Jim Smith, DignityUSA Program Manager

The Lutheran church near the Minnesota State Capitol was literally packed to the rafters on this night before a historic Senate debate and vote to potentially push marriage equality into law. A number of clergy and leaders from various faith traditions and denominations sat facing the crowd, each waiting their turn to stand and lead the crowd in this quickly prepared prayer vigil. One leader stood in the pulpit and introduced herself, saying simply, “I’m a member of Pax Christi Catholic Community, and I’m proud to be Catholic!” The crowd erupted in cheers. As the din subsided, she proclaimed a passage from the prophet Isaiah, and though the words were in front of her, she never took her eyes off the congregation. She spoke with authority, with an obvious understanding and belief in the words she voiced. She commanded everyone in the church that night, and for this participant at least, Joan and Isaiah were the highlight of the vigil.

Help Make the DUSA Auction a Success!

By Jack Frielingsdorf, Fundraising Committee Chair

Once again, this year’s Convention will include an on-line and silent auction. The past auctions have proven to be fun and exciting for everyone involved, and profitable for DignityUSA. In order to make this year’s event as good as those from the past, we need great items to sell, and that is where you can help by donating items such as art work, electronics, personalized memorabilia, vacation packages, or collectibles.