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News Archive (2012)

Integrity/Dignity Madison Celebrates 35 Years

Integrity/Dignity Madison celebrated its 35th Anniversary on Pentecost Saturday, May 26, 2012.  This was a combined celebration, including Mary Magdala, women priests, I/D’s 35th Anniversary, and the one year anniversary of the passing of Joan Weiss, a Dignity/Madison member of many years. Over 80 people were in attendance.

Rev. Alice Iaquinta was the presider and homilist at the Mass.  

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Community Organizing at Dignity/Houston

By Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez. Dignity/Houston Community Organizer

On August 4, three Dignity/Houston members attended the Equality Texas Project Training. On their website, the Equality Texas Foundation describes the Equality Project: "The Equality Project is a public education program on policy issues and their effect on Texas citizens. The Project also trains supporters of equality to establish relationships with their state representatives and senators, and to advocate for policy changes with their elected officials. The Project aims to engage the public in maintaining continuous conversations with their elected officials about public policy matters that directly impact their lives. It is these conversations about real people's lives that will ultimately motivate policy changes to eliminate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression."

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Dignity/Houston Keeps Busy This Summer

By Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez, Dignity/Houston Community Organizer

Things are a’brewin’ over at Dignity/ Houston. We are planning a community screening of "Pink Smoke Over the Vatican," tentatively scheduled for September 20 at 6:30 pm at the GLBT Cultural Center (401 Branard, Room 106, Houston, TX 77006). We hope this community screening fosters critical thinking and dialogue on the important issues of gender and vocations for women in the Catholic Church.

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Dignity Honolulu Celebrates Mary of Magdala Liturgy

By Gene Corpuz, Dignity/Honolulu

Dignity/Honolulu held their annual Mary of Magdala liturgy on Sunday, July 22, at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Honolulu.  This was one of the many Mary of Magdala events held around the country, promoted by the FutureChurch organization, which supports women’s contribution to the Church through prayer services, liturgies, and vigils.  The liturgy was well attended by 25 people, with a potluck supper following the liturgy in the parish hall.  

We Are Catholic, We Are Inclusive, We Are Church. 40 Years and Still Faith-filled

By Barbara Zeman

Celebrating our 40th anniversary as an Inclusive, Roman Catholic faith community, Dignity/Chicago stepped out in style as we led the religious organizations in the Chicago Pride Parade on June 24th, 2012.

We are proud to be Church. For over 40 years we have prayed together, played together and been family for one other. Delivering the homily at our 40th Anniversary Mass on May 20th , Dignity/USA Executive Director Marianne Duddy-Burke said, "We became the first large Catholic group ever, not to surrender to hierarchical bullying. When the official Church did not respond in love, we ministered to one other.”

“Going once … Going twice … Gone — sold to the cutie in the third row!”

We may not actually hear those words at DignityUSA’s on-line auctions, but the excitement is just as intense. If you have taken part in any of these auctions in the past you know what I mean. The original auction concept started in Chicago in 2001 and has been a part of each convention since. In San Francisco we added the first DignityUSA on-line auction, which allowed non-convention goers to be part of the fun and excitement as well. Since then there have been five on-line auctions, either as part of a convention or a stand-alone events.

Flipping the Faith: Old Roots, New Shoots

Tierra Ortiz-Rodriguez, Dignity/Houston, Community Organizer

As Dignity/Houston's community organizer and youngest adult member, I had the privilege of joining the DignityUSA Board and the Dignity Young Adult Caucus (DYAC) for a fun-filled July weekend of collaborative strategic planning in Newark, New Jersey. Twenty-four of us represented a rich movement of LGBT Catholic and allied leaders across the nation in their 20s, 30s, and 40s who are passionate about celebrating and preserving cherished Catholic traditions that exclude neither our sexual orientations nor our gender identities. At the meeting's end we had a clearer vision for best practices in starting young adult groups, planning future DYAC goals, preparing for the 2013 Minneapolis Convention, and building sturdy bridges between DYAC and the Board. 

Fling the Church Doors Open Wide

By Jim Smith, Dignity/USA Program Manager

The words of the song kept getting stuck in my throat as I sang during morning prayer at a conference I was attending a year ago. “O may our hearts and minds be open, fling the church doors open wide. May there be room enough for everyone inside, for in God there is a welcome, in God we all belong.  May that welcome be our song.” All these messages brought together with the poignant melody left me speechless. After the prayer ended, I lined up with a few others to thank the composer of the song (For All the Children), David Lohman, who just happened to be accompanying on piano that morning. Marianne Duddy-Burke was in that line, and would end up being my boss four months later.

Dignity San Diego’s Celebration-filled Weekend

A number of themes came together the weekend of July 20–22 as Dignity/San Diego celebrated its 40th Anniversary. Choosing to emphasize its ties with other local Catholic reform groups, Dignity/San Diego partnered with Call To Action of San Diego County (CTA–SD), San Diego Catholic Worker (SDCW), and Mary Magdalene Apostle Catholic Community (MMACC) in several events over the weekend, the culmination of which was a festive Mass on Sunday evening celebrating Dignity’s 40th Anniversary and the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene.

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