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News Archive (2008)

Gay Catholics & Allies Protest Vatican Opposition to Decriminalizing Homosexuality

Boston, MA. DignityUSA, New Ways Ministry and Call To Action-three Catholic organizations that support gay equality-will hold vigils in five cities across the nation on Wednesday, Dec 10, to protest Vatican opposition to a United Nations resolution that would decriminalize homosexuality. In more than 80 countries, gay people can still be imprisoned or even executed.

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Gay Catholics Challenge Vatican Opposition to Decriminalization of Homosexualty by U.N.

Groups Say Vatican's Stance Amounts to Condoning Anti-Gay Violence

Boston, MA-Leaders of the Catholic groups DignityUSA, New Ways Ministry and Call To Action, spoke out today to condemn the Vatican's opposition to a proposed U.N. declaration that would lessen against the discrimination against of lesbian, gay and bisexual people worldwide.

The U.N. proposal, which is sponsored by France and backed by 27 European Union nations, seeks to end the practice of criminalizing and punishing people for their sexual orientation.

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DignityUSA Cosponsors Inaugural Celebrations

DignityUSA is proud to join the Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, Human Rights Campaign Foundation, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund & Leadership Institute, PFLAG, Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, National Black Justice Coalition, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, Freedom to Marry, BiNet USA, Out & Equal Workplace Advocates, Equality Federation, National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, National Coalition for LGBT Health, LGBT Community Center of NY, International Federation of Black Prides, CenterLink: The Community of LGBT Centers, and Family Equality Coa

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Dignity/Denver’s Transgender Day of Remembrance

By Shari Miller, Vice-President, Dignity/Denver

Dignity/Denver held its Third Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance Liturgy on Sunday, November 16th, 2008. This moving event originally came about because one of our members knew someone on the list who was being memorialized. That person was a 24-year old Hispanic woman who was murdered with a shotgun inside her own apartment. She was a gentle soul murdered because she was gender-variant.

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Why I Never Miss a DignityUSA Convention

By Gary Kayler, Dignity/Indianapolis, Requiescat in Pace

Recently, Lewis Tanner, DignityUSA Secretary, and I were discussing DignityUSA’s Convention 2009 in San Francisco next summer. He asked me to write a few words about it and why I never miss a convention. Like the rest of you, I haven’t received the latest information about details. However, with registration come some free meals, a dinner-dance and loads of fun.

Here are some suggestions:

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One Year and Counting

As many of you probably recall, when I was first approached about taking on the role of DignityUSA President, I had many concerns. The organization was facing enormous financial and leadership challenges, membership was declining, and it was unclear what Dignity’s role should be. I questioned whether I was the person best suited to lead our organization’s response to these challenges, and was unsure about the level of commitment remaining among our members.

DignityUSA Responds to Passage of Anti-Marriage Equality Ballot Initiatives

Last week's passage of Arizona's Proposition 102, Proposition 8 in California, and Proposition 2 in Florida amending these states' constitutions to prevent same-gender marriage was profoundly disappointing to all who believe in fairness and equality. However, I firmly believe that this represents a temporary setback in the ongoing work to ensure justice for all families, and want to point to some of the signs of hope which can serve as building blocks for future successes.

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Catholics Support Marriage Rights and Responsibilities for Same-Gender Couples during the Meeting of the U.S. Bishops

Today, as the U.S. bishops begin their meeting in Baltimore, we express our dismay regarding the bishops' use of significant resources - including $200,000 toward Proposition 8 in California - to block same-gender couples from access to the rights and responsibilities of civil marriage. We are opposed to ballot initiatives against same-gender marriage because this takes the dangerous path of putting the fundamental civil rights of a class of U.S. citizens up for a vote.

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