DignityUSA works for respect and justice for people of all sexual orientations, genders, and gender identities—especially gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual and intersex persons—in the Catholic Church and the world through education, advocacy, and support.

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April 18, 2024 | by Jeff Vomund | How often have we thought, “I can’t let people know ______ about me! No one would love me if they knew that!” … In today’s gospel, Jesus asserts that precisely the opposite is true. Ignorance of another cannot pave the way for love. We can only love someone to the extent that we know them.
April 12, 2024 | by John Falcone | This Sunday’s Scriptures offer examples of bearing witness to Jesus in dramatic moments. In real life, it is not always easy to discern when courage requires us to speak up or to remain silent. Today’s reflection suggests that we will discern the call of courage when we stay connected to the dignity of each member of our human family.
April 12, 2024 | by DignityUSA | The DignityUSA Board and Staff are pleased to share two documents we have produced as part of the preparations for the second Synod Assembly, which will take place in October 2024.
April 8, 2024 | by the DignityUSA Board and Staff | Like you, we are saddened and frustrated by the document “Dignititas Infinita” (On Human Dignity) released by the Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith on April 8, 2024. We find it to be very disappointing and potentially quite harmful to many.
April 8, 2024 | by DignityUSA | The Vatican document “On Human Dignity” undermines its purpose by undermining the integrity and human rights of transgender and nonbinary people, along with those making decisions about whether and how to expand their families, says DignityUSA, the world’s oldest organization of Catholics working for justice, equality, and full inclusion in the church and society.

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