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Executive Directors

Aug 1991

Executive Director position approved at DignityUSA's 10th biennial convention in Washington, DC

Feb 14, 1992-April 1993

Barry Goodinson

July 1, 1993-Oct 1993

Tom Cunnnigham

Oct 1993-1997

(ED position temporarily
terminated due to lack of funds)

Oct 1, 1997-1999

Charles Cox

Dec 1999

Marianne Duddy, appointed
interim Executive Director

April 4, 2000- Aug 2003

Marianne Duddy, hired as full
time Executive Director

Oct 20, 2003-Feb 2005

Matthew Gallagher

July 1, 2005-Oct 2006

Debra Weill

Oct 2006-Dec 2007

(ED position temporarily terminated)

Jan 1, 2008-present

Marianne Duddy-Burke

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