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Quarterly Voice

The Quarterly Voice (QV) is an important communication medium for the DignityUSA membership.

Underwriting. Currently, QV is mailed to the entire membership. To keep these USPS mailed editions coming, DignityUSA seeks members willing to underwrite this quarterly publication. $16,000 will underwrite the costs of producing and mailing the QV for a full year. One or many can share this cost. If you are interested in helping to underwrite the QV, contact the DignityUSA national office at 800-877-8797, e-mail info@dignityusa.org, or at the national office mailing address found at left.

Please designate your donations as “QV underwriting,” and please advise whether or not you wish to have your name acknowledged in the Quarterly Voice as an underwriter. Thank you for your consideration and support.

Opting-out of receiving mailed hard-copy In an effort to become more environmentally-conscious and to save on printing and postage expenses, we are offering members the opportunity to opt-out of receiving hard-copies in the mail. You can read the QV in the on-line version. Please send an e-mail with the subject heading "Opt-out of mailed QV" to info@dignityusa.org.


"The world the bishops envision is one in which God’s gay and lesbian children would be told once again to deny their God-given selves; a world in which acts of hatred toward gay people would no doubt increase. While I do not believe the bishops would consciously promote physical violence against gay people, their message to gay people that they are somehow “less than” and “not fully human” promotes a violence to the heart and soul that is equally deadly."

- Timothy J. MacGeorge,


“As part of the civil marriage service—prior to stating that the marriage is legal—these words are spoken: 'By the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts...' Those words alone echo in our hearts remembering the thunderous applause which sends shivers up your spine. We had not dared to hope for this level of acceptance.”

— Alice Knowles and Kathy Ann Gianino


“I began to write various Bishops telling them my story. I did not demand anything. I simply told the story of my life as a gay man and the pain I felt at the Church’s discrimination.…Surprisingly, their responses to me indicated that they recognized the pain I went through to become integrated as a gay Catholic and some even admitted that they knew that the teachings of the official Church seemed harsh, even while they wanted to be pastoral.”

— Joe Gentilini
Dignity/Columbus (OH)

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