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Catholic Groups Say to Bishops: “We are Here to Pursue an Agenda of Justice”

 A Statement by Catholic Reform Groups

This statement is attributed to the coalition of organizations and individuals listed below:

"We, the representatives of leading Catholic organizations, are again gathering at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops meeting to express our love and concern for our church and all those who have suffered from its abuses.

Our message to the bishops is a simple one: We are the church. We are not outsiders and will not stand idly by as our church suffers through its current scandal.

We are not here to further our own agendas, as the bishops so insultingly stated. We are here to pursue an agenda of justice.

Our concerns, too, are very simple: we find it troubling that the Vatican is attempting to usurp civil laws with canon law - taking alleged abusers to Rome for confidential hearings by tribunal in lieu of democratic civil procedures that apply to all.

In addition, we continue to be disturbed by bishops who deflect responsibility and lay blame for their own actions on other groups, including gay priests.

We call on the people of the church to continue demanding accountability from their bishops and urge them to continue praying for the victims of abuse and all others who feel betrayed by this on-going scandal."

Catholics for a Free
Choice Roxanne Evans
(202) 986-6093

Dignity USA
Marianne Duddy
(617) 669-7810 (cell)

Women's Ordination Conference
Erin Hanley
(703) 352-1006

Anthony T. Padovano
(973) 539-8732

Sue Archibald
(435) 640-1169 (cell)

Women in Spirit of Colorado:
Catholic Women for Reform
Kay Norton Haughey

Sisters Against Sexism &
Loretto Women's Network
Ruth McDonough Fitzpatrick

Greater Cincinnati Women Church
Ruth Hittner Steinert

The Federation of Christian Ministries
Bridget Mary Meehan
(703) 379-2487

Fellowship of Southern Illinois Laity
Lena Woltering
(618) 234-4073

Catholics Speak Out
Rea Howarth
(301) 699-0042

WomenChurch Convergence
Mary Hunt
(301) 589-2509


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