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Most Dignity chapters do some form of advertising, whether it be by word of mouth or by formal advertisements placed in various publications. Your chapter may decide to do some local advertising to help get the word out that you exist, and that you are a part of a national glbt Catholic organization.

Although advertising can be quite expensive, sometimes it can also be free, depending on the resources available in your area.

Many regularly published newspapers have "Event" sections, which will run a listing of a meeting or liturgy at no cost. Contact the newspaper for requirements. Even in relatively small cities, few newspapers will deny your request to list.

If there is a glbt newspaper in your area, they will usually accept any "News Releases" regarding the activities of your chapter. If there is no glbt press in your community, see if there are any free weeklies in your community. They may charge something for publication of an ad, but usually run a news release gratis.

If you have a glbt community center, be sure you are listed as a resource on their hot line. If there is no community center, there may be a women’s hot line or women’s center. Traditionally, these centers have been very helpful in disseminating information about glbt organizations.

Some radio stations and/or television stations will accept PSA’s (Public Service Announcements). Some of these may even have a glbt radio program which will happily list your chapter’s activities as part of their local broadcast.

Don’t overlook the possibility of advertising in the local Catholic paper. Even though the official Vatican line is firm, many diocesan justice and peace officers, ministries to singles, or ministries to the "spiritually alienated" will be willing to help publicize the fact that you exist and have regularly scheduled meetings and liturgies. Even the religion editor of your local mainstream newspapers may want to talk to someone from the chapter when some newsworthy event is happening.

Finally, contact the owners and managers of businesses and organizations that cater to the glbt community in your area. These organizations (bars, bookstores, restaurants, clubs etc.) will usually be happy to let you place fliers or allow you to post a notice on their bulletin boards. Don’t overlook these business resources for potential fund raising activities.

Some sample News Releases follow: