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Style Guide: Tips on Using the DignityUSA Logo

Here are a few general guidelines for usage of the new DignityUSA logo. They are meant to help maintain consistent use of the national logo in Dignity chapters that wish to use it in their own marketing materials. Consistent treatment of the logo will build “brand identity” for our organization, thus creating a singular image of DignityUSA in the minds of our members and the public at large.

Colors. The logo is designed in three colors: Pantone 281 (blue), Pantone 240 (lavender), and Pantone 124 (gold). Since consistent usage of a logo builds brand recognition, the logo should be printed only in those colors, in CMYK approximations of those colors, or in one solid color (preferably Pantone 281 blue).

For Web design, the best HTML color matches are #003366 (blue), #CC3399 (lavender), and #FFCC00 (gold).

DignityUSATagline. The DignityUSA logo contains the tagline "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Catholics" (above right). But when displaying in very small spaces — such as the stitching on hats/polo shirts, or in small Web graphics, where the tagline could become muddied — the version without the tagline (right) may be preferable.

Backgrounds. Please use the DignityUSA logo on a white background whenever possible. If the design requires that it be placed on a colored background, it must be on a light or neutral color, or on a texture that is as unobtrusive as possible. Rule of thumb: If the "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Catholics" tagline is hard to read, the background is too dark.

Dark backgrounds. If the logo needs to be placed on a dark background, it is preferable to use a background that is dark blue (closest match to Pantone 281). In such cases, the blue type must knock out to white to remain legible (right).


Trademark. The trademark (TM) symbol should accompany the DignityUSA logo in all situations.