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The time-table is based on the date of the DignityUSA Board of Directors Meeting in which the request of the chapter-in-formation is to be voted.

1. 60 days before the Board meeting, the following must be submitted:

A. A letter from the chapter-in-formation to the Board of Directors requesting chapter status. This should be accompanied by supporting evidence (Brag about what you've been doing!). This is to be sent to the National Secretary.

B. A copy of your bylaws, rules and/or regulations are to be submitted to the National Secretary

2. 45 days before the Board of Directors meeting, you will receive one of three things from the National Secretary:

A. A letter from the National Secretary stating that the recommendation of the Officers is to deny your request. You then have the right to appeal this recommendation to the entire Board of Directors either in writing or in person. Contact the National Secretary, especially if you will be appealing in person, immediately so that you are put on the agenda of the Board session.

B. A letter or phone call from the National Secretary alerting you to deficiencies in your bylaws that need to be clarified before a recommendation can be made by the Officers

C. Nothing. This is a clear indication that the recommendations are positive. (Sit back and relax!)