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News Archive (2013)

Join Dignity/Washington for an Outstanding Special Event in D.C.

Saturday, October 19, Hunter O’Hanian, Director of the Leslie/ Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art will be making a special PowerPoint presentation, WHAT IS GAY ART?, featuring samples from the Leslie Lohman Museum’s permanent collection.

This presentation will take place at the Dignity Center located at 721 8th Street SE, Washington, D.C. 20003, at 2:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. It is free and open to the general public. 

Dignity/Washington’s Book Club Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Dignity/Washington’s Dignity Center buzzes with activities many evenings throughout the year, but it wasn’t always that way. In the early 2000s, Stephen McDonnell, an active chapter member and presider, was the driving force behind a new activity that is now a mainstay of the center’s calendar: the book discussion group, otherwise known as the Book Club, or more correctly, the “Award Winning Book Club.” (In 2010, then-President Allen Rose selected the Book Club to receive the chapter’s President’s Award; the plaque hangs proudly in the center.) Stephen and a few other reading enthusiasts would gather from time to time after reading a book to discuss it. Although it started out informally, before long the Book Club became a regular, weekly event, listed in the printed bulletin. According to Dignity Center manager Rick Lynch, the first formally announced Book Club meeting took place on May 15, 2003.

Dignity/Seattle News

I find it extraordinarily refreshing that Pope Francis has articulated and emphasized the core values of the Catholic faith: service to the poor and marginalized that acknowledges the divinity in all individuals by de-emphasizing the rigid dogma that has put Catholics on opposite ends of the religious spectrum for the past several decades. Dogma has been used by the hierarchy as a litmus test to ascertain how “Catholic” one’s convictions are. Just six months into his papacy, Francis displaced judgment from its high perch when he humbled himself (and thus the entire hierarchy) as one flawed human being among an entire race of imperfect human beings.

DignityUSA Executive Director to Give Homily at Call To Action Conference

DignityUSA Executive Director Marianne Duddy-Burke has been invited to deliver the homily at the Call To Action conference, November 1-3, 2013 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The conference brings together over 2,500 people each fall, and is the largest annual gathering of progressive Catholics in the US. The theme of this year’s conference is Living Our Baptismal Call. “I am thrilled and honored to have this opportunity to reflect the way that Dignity members and friends live out our Baptism in such an important setting,” said Marianne.

DignityUSA Convention Recap

By Mateo Williamson, DignityUSA

We celebrate the success of DignityUSA’s 21st Biennial Convention, which marks over 42 years of ministry and advocacy for the LGBT community in the Catholic Church. Dignity’s call to reform and justice for those marginalized within the Church has now bridged several generations, and the fruits of this unceasing labor were evident at this year’s national gathering, which brought together nearly 300 attendees from across the country, with a span of over eight decades in age. This year’s biennial Convention was held in progressive and lively Minneapolis, Minnesota, July 4-7, 2013. 

Homily for DignityUSA Convention Liturgy

By Deb Myers, DignityUSA Board member 

Peace of heart, mind, and body to all of us! What wonderful readings [Isaiah 66: 10-14c; excerpt from A Lesbian Feminist Voice by Carter Heyward; Luke 10:1-11, 1620]! We have heard this gospel many times and know the lines well. I hope today is experienced with new ears and open hearts, perhaps because of where each of us is in our own spiritual journey, or because in the context of what we have experienced this weekend. I hope you will hold your hearing of the good news today in your heart.

Intersections of Justice: Plenary Address for DignityUSA Convention

By Jamie L. Manson, M. Div

Editor’s Note: Below is an excerpt from Jamie Manson’s plenary address “Intersections of Justice.” 

Being a lesbian at Xavier was pretty easy. Being a woman was much more challenging because on any given day, I was reminded that my body was an obstacle to ways in which I was able to serve and be present to the community. 

All Are Welcome: a Convention Reflection

By Mateo Williamson, DignityUSA

It is difficult to describe exactly what the Dignity Convention of 2013 meant to me. I have tried to accurately relay the experience to some of my friends here in Arizona, but in vain. How do I capture the excitement I felt as I realized I had actually made it successfully to Minneapolis, and furthermore to the correct hotel (in itself a miracle)? Or when I nervously shook the hands of social justice greats like Fr. Bernard Lynch and Fr. Roy Bourgeois? Or, while sporting plaid shorts and a plaid shirt on departure day due to my packing faux pas, I embraced all my wonderful new friends good-bye and nobody even batted an eye? (If that isn’t true friendship, I don’t know what is).

Intergenerational Dialogues: a Convention Reflection

By Martin Witchger, Dignity/Washington 

One of the many highlights for me at the DignityUSA 2013 Convention was the workshop on intergenerational dialogues put on by the Young Adult Caucus. With the realities of many of our chapters being older, but trying to reach out and retain younger adults, it was a very pertinent and timely session. I was curious about this session because I know that while intergenerational dialogues are important and necessary, from experiences after Mass at my local Dignity/Washington chapter, even after almost a year of weekly Masses, as a young adult, talking with some of the older members of my Chapter has been a little awkward. But, being committed to Dignity, and wanting to push myself into this experience, I went into this session with an open heart and mind.