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News Archive (2012)

Keeping the Faith: Interview with Michael Torres

Michael Torres is a member of Dignity/San Antonio. 

Has your ethnicity enhanced or hindered your experience in the GLBT Catholic community?

I believe it enhanced my experience because my ethnicity has a lot to do with where I came from, and it carries with it a special set of gifts, just like being gay and Catholic carries with it gifts. When I mention this to other people, they are in shock because they didn’t know that one can be gay and Catholic, but I assure them it is very possible.


by Christine Krause

I look out at the still water on a cool morning
Letting the sun cast its warmth on my shoulders
Where the voices of others bolster my feelings of gratitude
Of a God that loves without doubt, fear, or reproach

I visit the winters of my life
Where dark shadows have crept in
Because life happens at its own bidding
Not mine
Out of those depths I see glimmers
Smiles from friends
Encouragement from fellow travelers
God’s all encompassing grace

The Grace of Small Chapters

Mostly, though, they told me about the people who make up Dignity/Integrity Rochester. They delighted in the couple who will celebrate their 25th anniversary in December by getting married. They congratulated a musician whose choir will be featured on a local radio show, and asked whether another would be playing dulcimer in the near future. They told me about treasured members of their community who come from other faith traditions.