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News Archive (2009)

The Continuing Journey to Wholeness: DignityUSA and LGBT Pride Month

I had planned to devote this reflection to an unabashed celebration of DignityUSA’s many accomplishments over our 40-year history. Just as I opened a file to begin writing, my phone rang. The caller was a 50-something woman from a small city in the Northeast, who told me she has been part of Courage (an organization promoting chastity as the only option for Catholic lesbian and gay people) for years.

DignityUSA Statement on California Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Proposition 8

Contact Information: 

Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director, 617-669-7810

Jeff Stone, Director of Media Relations, 212-662-9818


DignityUSA, the nation’s foremost organization of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Catholics and our friends and families, expressed profound disappointment with California’s Supreme Court decision that upheld Proposition 8’s ban on marriage between gay and lesbian couples. However, the group noted that the Court’s allowing the 18,000-plus same-sex marriages that occurred before the ban took effect to stand was a sign of hope.

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Stoked for Convention 2009!

Let me tell you about the Parc55 Hotel — site of our 2009 convention! I just spent a weekend there for our April Board meeting. I took Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) from the San Francisco Airport to the Powell Street Station, San Francisco …about a 30-minute ride. BART was a pleasure to ride. It reminded me of Washington, DC’s METRO. When you come out of the Powell Street Station, the Parc 55 Hotel is looming above you! The Hotel has just been renovated from top to bottom. The hotel room was spacious, although storage is scarce.

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Q&A with Father Geoffrey Farrow

Posed and compiled by Leo N. Egashira, Publications Committee Chair

Fr. Geoffrey Farrow, who was fired from his Fresno, CA parish after preaching against California Proposition 8 last October, has agreed to deliver the homily during the Eucharistic liturgy at our DignityUSA Convention 2009. He will also be participating in a newly-added pre-convention forum on Marriage Equality, which will be held on Thursday, July 2, 2009.

Moving From the Familiar and Usual

A scholarship took me from my native Denver to the nation’s capital to start college. I will never forget my first August day in Washington, D.C. It was 98 degrees with 97% humidity. I had never experienced heat like that. I had spent the previous 18 years of my life living in a white,working class suburb of semi-arid Denver, Colorado. “Hot” there seemed downright comfortable compared to the sultry hot of D.C. I landed at National Airport after nightfall. I remember the sights from the taxi. Long blocks of houses all attached to each other. I had never seen that.

Gay Catholic Groups Condemn Pope’s Statements in Africa on Condom Use

Contact Information: 

Marianne Duddy-Burke, DignityUSA, C: 617-669-7810

Nicole Sotelo, Call To Action, O: 773.404.0004 x285; C: 857.928.4112

Francis DeBernardo, New Ways Ministry, O: 301.277.5674; C: 240.432.2489



Leaders of DignityUSA, New Ways Ministry and Call To Action—three groups that support gay rights in the Catholic Church—spoke out to condemn the Pope’s comments that implied that using condoms could increase the incidents of HIV/AIDS.

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