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News Archive (2003)

DignityUSA Announces New Treasurer

To DignityUSA members:

We wanted to inform you of a change in the leadership of DignityUSA. Philippe Lachance who was elected by your Board of Directors as our treasurer beginning October 1, 2003 has had to resign his position on the board. Just as he was getting up to speed on his duties as our treasurer, his full time employment unexpectedly had changes requiring him to work many long hours. After working a ten-plus-hour day and driving home, Phil would have to start his Dignity day and this all proved too much.

Dignity/Boston Rejects Bishops' Statement on Same-Sex Marriage

Dismayed by Archbishop O'Malley's charge that dissenters possess "erroneous conscience"

Boston — Leaders of Dignity/Boston, a group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Catholics and allies, stated their objection to both the most recent actions of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops opposing same-sex marriage and to remarks by Archbishop of Boston, Sean P. O'Malley OFM Cap in the Nov 12 edition of the Boston Globe.

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Gay Catholics Applaud Massachusetts Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

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Signed “Friend of the Court” Brief

November 18, 2003 — Leaders of DignityUSA, the organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Catholics and their supporters, expressed their joy about today's decision in Massachusetts' highest court ruling that same-sex couples are legally entitled to marry under the state constitution. Both DignityUSA and Dignity/Boston signed onto a "friend of the court" brief in this case.

Open Letter to Bishop Wilton Gregory, President of the USCCB

 Dear DignityUSA Friends,

As you may know, our USA Bishops have been meeting in Washington, DC this week.  On Tuesday November 11, 2003 the following letter was sent to Bishop Wilton Gregory, President of the USCCB.  This letter was signed by DignityUSA and by many of our allies in Catholic Organizations for Renewal (COR).

Please forward it to your own Bishop with your endorsement as you believe is appropriate.

DignityUSA Calls on Catholics to Support Same-Sex Couples During President Bush's “Marriage Protection Week”

Washington, DC, October 16, 2003 — As President Bush and conservative leaders mark the so-called "Marriage Protection Week," DignityUSA and its chapters and members across the country call upon supportive Catholics everywhere to stand with same-sex couples who are seeking marriage rights and challenge the arguments of the opponents of same-sex marriage.

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Gay Catholics Call for Marriage Rights in Society and Sacramental Blessing of Same Sex Unions by the Church

 Las Vegas, August 10, 2003 — In the midst of the international debate on same-sex marriage, the nation's largest group of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Catholics have affirmed their commitment to work for full inclusion of same sex couples in society and call on their church to bless same-sex unions.

The board of directors of DignityUSA and the membership assembled for the biennial convention adopted a resolution, saying:

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DignityUSA Passes Resolution on Same-Sex Marriage

The following resolution was passed unanimously by the Board of Directors, DignityUSA during their meeting in Las Vegas, Aug 5-6. The resolution was presented to all assembled at the membership meeting during the 16th DignityUSA biannual convention (Aug 7-10) and received an ovation by all:

August 2003

Whereas DignityUSA believes that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have the right to full expression of their sexuality in ways that are consistent with Catholic/Christian values, including the right to enter into committed relationships; AND

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