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News Archive (2002)

Gay Catholics Challenge Pope, Cardinals on Rome Meeting

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Marianne Duddy-Burke, Executive Director, 617-669-7810

As leaders of the American Catholic Church prepare for their extraordinary meeting with Pope John Paul II to discuss the clergy sexual abuse scandal, the leading organization of gay Catholics wrote to them, with their thoughts about what those talks should include. The thirteen American Cardinals, including embattled Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, have been summoned to Rome for meetings on this topic April 23-24.

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Gay Days at Disney

May 28 — June 2, 2002 
Enjoy them with Dignity!

Enjoy them with Dignity - Organized by Tom Streeper, National Director

We only have a few more weeks to sign up for this wonderful trip. This
year's event is expecting over 150,000 glbt people. This is a GREAT
opportunity to take our message to the people and offer the Work of God
through our liturgy. Deposits and final payments are due by April 15th.
GREAT prices for a FABULOUS time. Hope To See You All Orlando!

Vatican Remarks on Gay Priests, Sexual Abuse Condemned


Leaders of DignityUSA today condemned statements by Vatican spokesman Dr. Joaquin Navarro-Valls in which he blamed clergy sexual abuse on gay priests. Navarro-Valls was quoted in the March 3, 2002 The New York Times as saying that "People with these inclinations just cannot be ordained," and likening their ordination to a marriage that could be annulled.

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