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Why I Joined the DignityUSA Board

By Victor Postemski, DignityUSA Board member 

For many years I have served in various capacities within my local chapter, Dignity/Boston. There, I served as a member of the Board of Directors, a term as chapter vice president and two terms as chapter president. I loved the joys and challenges of supporting my local community. It wasn’t until I attended the 2009 DignityUSA Convention in San Francisco that I felt called to join the Board. I loved the Convention speakers, panels, sessions, and strong sense of community that I could feel permeating everything that weekend. It was my first Dignity convention and I was hooked!

However, the Convention was missing a little something: more young LGBT Catholics! Several other young adults and I got together after the Convention, determined to increase our numbers and help grow DignityUSA. We founded the Dignity Young Adult Caucus, and I decided to run for the Board.

Serving on the Board since 2010 has allowed me to serve as a leadership voice for young adults in the organization. It has provided a platform for continued dialogue and placement of growing our young adult community into Dignity’s strategic plan. Personally, I’m proud of what the Young Adult Caucus has accomplished, and excited to see local expressions of the Young Adult Caucus “sprout up” in local chapters across the country.

This is such an exciting time to take a leadership position in our organization. We understand that so many priorities are competing for your time these days, but we ask that you take some time to discern whether you might be called to serve on our Board. The organization can use your talents, your time, your energy, and your passion to strengthen and further our mission.

Nominations may be submitted by the nominee(s) or a third party using the online nomination form. Nominations must be submitted by midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. You can find information about serving on the board of directors on the DignityUSA website or email to the Nominations Committee.

What Does Being Catholic Mean to You?

DignityUSA has asked noted sociologist and expert on American Catholicism Dr. Michele Dillon to conduct an independent, anonymous survey of our members and friends to help us better understand how we value and express our Catholic faith, and how our experience com- pares with that of other U.S. Catholics. Please take some time to respond to the survey. If you prefer to complete a paper survey, please contact Peggy Burns via email or phone 800-877-8797. The survey is open until March 19, 2014. Also on the DignityUSA website is information about the steps taken to ensure confidentiality and anonymity.