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Two New Committees Forming

DignityUSA is forming two new volunteer committees: Transgendered Committee and Technology Committee.

Transgender Committee

A volunteer Transgender Committee within DignityUSA is in the formation stage as we close out 2009. It is the fruition of the Transgender programming during DignityUSA’s 40th Anniversary Convention in July 2009 in San Francisco.

The purpose of the committee is to increase awareness of, provide education, and advocate for Transgender issues in DignityUSA in order to make the organization and its chapters welcoming and affirming spaces for transgender Catholics.

The committee is seeking volunteer female-to-male persons to provide balance and better representation and support of FTM issues. Please contact Clarice by e-mail at claricerd@hotmail.com. Thank you. 

Technology Committee

DignityUSA is looking for volunteers to assist us in making recommendations for using new and evolving technologies more efficiently.

We are looking for skilled people who can advise and guide us on how to use the technologies and what we need to have in place to move forward in electronic media, use of the Internet, web publishing, Twitter, Facebook, and other evolving interfaces.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact technology committee chair Alice Knowles at alice_knowles@comcast.net.


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