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by Christine Krause

I look out at the still water on a cool morning
Letting the sun cast its warmth on my shoulders
Where the voices of others bolster my feelings of gratitude
Of a God that loves without doubt, fear, or reproach

I visit the winters of my life
Where dark shadows have crept in
Because life happens at its own bidding
Not mine
Out of those depths I see glimmers
Smiles from friends
Encouragement from fellow travelers
God’s all encompassing grace

Summer is a gift like the precious laugh from a child
Gone are the trappings of gloom
Replaced with bonds so strong no force can separate
Happiness rises in unexpected circumstances
Peace settles in and takes root
Joy is present at dawn and dusk
Even the night brims with beauty
Excitement fills the air at the sounds of play

Thoughts of autumn and its colors fire my soul
Hurriedly I prepare
Think about time, duties, preparation, gray clouds
Let the past be
Embrace the changes
Excitement burns inside
Peace enters in and relaxes my thoughts
Life carries on and I learn to wait

Spring leaps up as newness enters
Hopefulness replaces the lingering doubts
Seeds are planted and grow in the splendor of lengthening days
God’s abundance is seen bounding from all directions
Where to take this energy and use it to bless others
No strangers, new friends, common threads
Sent out to be strength and possibilities
Giving everything with memories to last

Our bodies, our spirits
Gathering together as one leaving with renewed hope
Water, stones, oil, and flowers combine
Forming newness