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Queer Catholic Faith - Spring 2012 Review

The Spring session of Queer Catholic Faith webinar series has ended.  We present the recordings for those who missed any of the events.   The Spring guests were:

Jamie Manson picture Jamie Manson: (March guest) Jamie Manson is spiritual director, sought-after national speaker, provocative writer and prophet all rolled into one woman of deep faith. View Recording
Hilary Howes Picture Hilary Howes: (April guest) This amazing transgender Catholic woman has a story to tell! Hilary transitioned after she married and had a child, and she and her family weave a journey of tremendous faith, fidelity and integrity. View Recording
John McNeill picture John McNeill: (May guest) In the early days of the gay liberation movement, John offered prophetic witness as an out-gay Roman Catholic priest, and remains a prophet of transformative spirituality. This theologian and author is the subject of a new documentary film “Taking a Chance on God”. View Recording
Mary E Hunt: (June guest) Offering an expansive mind and heart in all she does, this Catholic theologian is a leader in the women-church movement and is co-founder and co-director of WATER: Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual. View Recording

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