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Pass the Hotdish and Help Fund Convention-goers

By Peggy Hayes, Dignity/Boston

The aromas of turkey shepherd’s pie, Minnesota wild rice hotdish, Bavarian noodle hotdish, corn casserole, “American chop suey,” Colombian short rib casserole, and other hearty one-dish meals mingled with the final notes of Dignity/Boston’s song of sending forth on Sunday, March 3. The tables were set for the community to dine together in the church hall. This was the evening of Dignity/Boston’s “Heavenly Hotdish Social” to support the chapter’s fund to support scholarships to the DignityUSA convention in Minneapolis, July 4-7. Funds will be used for travel expenses and convention registration fees to increase the participation of chapter membership at the convention.

Organizers began planning about eight weeks out, signing up cooks to create their own interpretation of Minnesota’s favorite meal, hotdish—http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotdish—bring desserts or beverages, and help with set-up and clean-up.

They also report three keys to success: Keep the price point low (set at $10 – more if you can, less if you can’t), invite everyone, from first-timers at liturgy to long-timers, and promote the event relentlessly – announcements at liturgy, the bulletin, email blasts to the chapter list, and Facebook.

Tables were named for Minnesota landmarks: Mississippi River, Nicollet Mall and Lake Wobegon. Two members of the chapter spoke briefly (and enthusiastically) of convention experiences – one who had been to one convention and one who’s been at every convention since 1981.

Fortified by a hearty hot meal, tasty homemade desserts and a friendly post-liturgy supper atmosphere, the community celebrated success: $710 raised for scholarships. Convention 2013, here we come!