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Nominations are now open for 2014 Board Elections

Nominations are open for four (4) Directors-at-Large for a period of two years—October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2016.

Board members become part of the strong, dynamic, and supportive team that develops DignityUSA’s programs, ensures we have adequate resources to carry out our work, and sets strategic priorities for the future. We are currently seeking leaders with organizational development, marketing, fund-raising, or human resource management talents and experience. In order to ensure proportional representation, we are especially interested in members from the southern and western parts of the US, who are Latino/a, transgender, openly bisexual or allies of the LGBT Catholic community

DignityUSA President Lourdes Rodriguez said, “Because of the generosity of our donors, DignityUSA’s budget is able to cover some of the costs of Board travel. We’re excited about this, because it should help people who have great talent but limited financial resources find being on the Board more feasible. We know this has been an issue in the past, and we’ve worked hard to remove the financial barriers. Personally, I don’t want money to be an obstacle for anyone with the passion and talent to serve DignityUSA.”

Nominees for the Board of Directors “…must be current Regular Members of DignityUSA,” i.e., “…any individual who pays any required Dues for Regular Membership and endorses the Statement of Position and Purpose of DignityUSA.” Nominations may be submitted by nominee(s) or a third party using the online nomination form.  Nominations must be submitted no later than April 15, 2014.

For information on the responsibilities of the Board of Directors, commitment, skills needed, and becoming a candidate, please see “Serving on the DignityUSA Board,” Questions or comments concerning Nominations 2014 should be directed to nominations@dignityusa.org, or to Operations Manager Peggy Burns at 800-877-8797.

There has never been a more exciting time to serve your DignityUSA community!

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