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Maureen Fiedler SL, Convention Speaker, Examines Vows for the 21st Century

​Are there new vows for committed religious life in the new century? That is the question that Maureen Fiedler, Sister of Loretto, addresses in her article, “Poverty, chastity, obedience: traditional vows redefined for the 21st century,” published last month on National Catholic Reporter’s website.

Fiedler examines the root and goals of the three traditional vows—poverty, chastity, and obedience—and observes:

Those living a committed life in the 21st century need not be limited to the three traditional vows in any form. People might choose to develop vows that express the kind of life to which they want to commit themselves, values that have a special resonance in today's world. Examples might include:

  • Sharing worldly goods with those in need;
  • Speaking the truth to power;
  • Living nonviolently;
  • Offering hospitality;
  • Caring for those in need;
  • Respecting the integrity of planet Earth;
  • Living a life dedicated to justice and peace.

Fielder brings new insights to living a committed life, and encourages readers to welcome these new developments, in all their forms. Read her complete article here: http://ncronline.org/news/sisters-stories/poverty-chastity-obedience-traditional-vows-redefined-21st-century

For more thought-provoking and enlightening discussion about faith and religion, tune in to Interfaith Voices at http://interfaithradio.org/, the leading religion newsmagazine on public radio where Fiedler is executive producer and host.